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Have you ever fluffed the floorshow? Presentation problems and how to solve them
KPIs, can you have or need the best of both worlds? Clearview / Qlikview
Everything To Everyone Everywhere. An interesting Capita Housing Conference
How social media shaped the Scottish Independence Referendum
Northgate up for sale again
Why are we not using the workflow and tasking that our systems provide (mostly out of the box)?
A parable of change, why yesterdays recipe may not be best for todays process bakers.
Is it so dangerous to question what we do in our processes. Lets move on from the past!
Why Autumns conference season can be the best for new ICT and process ideas
In our CRM systems, sometimes we cannot even collect the simplest info right
Why are housing voids so challenging & how can our systems help further?
Are you developing using Agile methodology, just using some of it sprinciples can make a big difference!
The Bedroom tax, still causing problems in housing
When communication breaks down with your tenants/customers. Why can that happen?
How can group structure organisations manage merging housing management systems?
Another housing ICT services company sold. Whats the future for Montal & its customers?
How effective are your teams? Have they really got the Team spirit? We have discvered there is an I in team after all
Do you test properly, more importantly, do you know what you are testing?
So who came top in the housing social media polls? But are our comms teams pulling their weight?
Procuring application software is a tricky business, have you been fooled before?
If you are a diverse organisation, have you got your Living Will organised yet?
Keystone asset management application software aquired by Civica. Where next for users?
How best should we tackle collecting customer/tenant satisfaction?
The old 0845 numbers are on the way out, are you ready?
Twitter is 24/7, but is your organisation when interacting on there?
Thoughts on ERP vs The Traditional HMS. Has its time come?
How tidy are your customer service teams desks? What it tell you about your systems?
Have you bothered plumbing in your integrated applications? Why you should get around to it
Are you ready for Universal credit switchback? Some fiendish rules out there
Why problems are solved faster, with the whole customer journey in the room
Do you understand your repair KPIs? If not, this new course in London and Manchester, may be right up your street.
The InMotion event, a great gathering of housing mobile, centrally in the Uk, at one event.
Do you use the power of a 'thank You' often enough?
Do you use conferences and user groups properly?
Has the Universal Credit engine Cool(ed), its moving slowly by any measure
Are Drones on yoour housing organisations radar? Maybe they should be.
Why consistancy = good customer service in many peoples eyes
So hows your Excel skills, can you handle a VLOOKUP?
Do we need a new Housing Management System on the block?
Most of us have made the leap, but what if you still havent migrated from Office2003?
The 2013 housing IT round-up
In your projects,are you letting the good news get in the way of the bad?
How well does your organisation use its RDSAP & EPC data?
Social Housing organisations are capabable of beating the best, heres one example
Catch us at the NHF IT in Housing Conference at Olympia London
Yahoo, not a great advert for cloud deployed applications
How well are you looking after your systems, data and connectivity?
Do your suppliers know you expect more from them?
You must know them from Twitter, the first people to follow
My channel shift experience with Barclays. Hint, I am back on paper billing
An old familiar sound was (almost) consigned to history today
We hear constantly about 'Big Data', who has actually cracked small data around here?
Promaster Asset Management has been sold to Orchard. How will that affect users?
Are typewriters safer than word processing applications?
Is Go-Live a destination for your project team or just a stop on the journey?
How many IT staff do you need per 1,000 homes? Ever asked yourself that?
A great new book on Dynamic GP from an old work mate
Is it worth even trying to predict the future of Housing IT?
Flickr showhow not to shape a serve to your customers
Can the traditional HMS beat the pants off specalist 3rd party CRM, Asset man' & other apps?
In our projects, is it good to test less and see more fail when we go live?
Augmented reality, with Crimemap and other apps, is it coming of age?
How do we get our tenants and customer online?
Yahoo have banned working from home, but these days can any business work effectively without it?
How well do your CRM & other systems prevent/reduce waste in your organisation?
Do the general public GET social housing?
Social Media explained, through the medium of a humble donut. Even Homer Simpson would get it
How do you go about supporting asset stock surveys within your housing management system?
New Years Review. Whats coming down the line for social housing?
The UC goose is getting fat, or is it?
A revolution in reporting KPI presentation is occurring. Are you on the bus?
Whats in a project name? Well quite a lot actually!
Are you using yammer yet? Well why not?
Should you be quick and dirty when converting data or slow & meticulous?
Is that the end of the HiTEX exhibitions for software procurement?
When you speak techie, do you come across as geeky or knowledgeable. A fine line.
What Universal Credit changes might mean for your housing systems
Do you know when to stop developing? If not, read on
Whatever happened to Silverlight then?
We spend too much of our life in meetings, lets change that.
What if our technology is fundamentally good, but knocking on a bit?
Cmon Microsoft, treat us like charities
If you are still doing your service charges on a spreadsheet, you better read this.
Should the Cloud be working better for you & your applications?
Orbit Group, Housing Heroes
Automatic telephony is rarely used in social housing, is it time to reconsider?
Workflow, the missing housing module. Or the one not implemented anyway
Why is it that geeks often mess with things, fixing stuff that aint broke?
Are you paying too much for hardware and maintenance contracts?
Channel shifting, why, what and how to go about it
How well is your ICT management plumnbed in to your upper management team/board?
Go Green and save money, by using your GIS systems better
Just because your supplier wants you to, should you be upgrading?
Do you process rent reviews using your housing management system or on spreadsheets?
CRM an essential component of your organisation
Does your organisation really have a 'Single Version of the truth'?
Time for the DLO (Internal Workforce) to come back. Savings to be made..
Who is in charge of your organisations social media? You or your tenants?
Does your HMS allow you to embrace Systems / Lean Thinking?
Are you feeling the benefits of decent EDM yet?
The passing of Steve Apple Jobs
How mobile are your staff, can they work wherever they need to?
Do your ICT users understand the pressures on the ICT team?
Repairs, still UK Housings biggest area of spend
Schedule of rates for Repairs, good or evil?

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