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Flickr provides access to Tony Smiths various photography projects. He has been a keen photographer for over thirty years. Around a 1,000 images are arranged in a number of sets, covering various subjects, locations, techniques and genres.

These include portraiture, live bands/musicians, including work over 15 years for the Northwich based BANNED! music project (supported by DANARTS - Development of the Arts in Northwich) and social media work.

Tony is active in his own community and has documented local libraries, the Warrington Winter Night Shelter and been involved in various voluntary projects, such as the highly successful DAD (Disability Awareness Day) held locally every year.

He has recently (November 2012) been involved with social media and publicity for the project to re-open his local library in Grappenhall, Cheshire.

Tony completed a 365 project in 2009 and these can be followed in a set on Flickr. A perfect way to expand photographic skills and find how to get the best from your camera and equipment, whatever your ability.

Infra-red work has always been a passion for Tony, from early work with Kodak black and white HIE high speed IR film when he used to print in an old style wet darkroom. He now uses an IR adapted Canon DSLR, with a 720nm filter, in order to record and process colour infra-red digital images

Acutance are specialists in IT and Housing Management Solutions for RSL's, Housing Groups, associations and trusts. Formed by Tony Smith who has over thirty years experience in a variety of market sectors, including 14 years in housing software implementation, development and sales.

At MIS Active Management Systems, which he led as managing director for over five years, he gained invaluable experience of the benefits and costs of getting the best from housing application software.

While there are many ways to reach maximum return on investment (ROI) where implementation projects are involved, to keep to target dates and budget can appear illusive. Tony Smith spent many years as housing consultant, implementer and implementation manager and has completed dozens of on-time, to budget installations. These included major housing and finacial projects completed for organisations as large as Orbit and Bromford housing groups as well as much smaller RSL's of nearer 1,000 homes.

Tony has a passion for housing and recognises that the harder IT can be made to work, the more benefits can be delivered to tenants, residents and other customers. We recognise that an efficient organisation is an asset for the whole community.

Cost is always a defining factor these days and we recognise that value for money at all times is an essential requirement. This is always coupled with a pragmatic, practical approach, providing real-life solutions.

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